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Port of Tallinn

Tallinn is a well connected port town with several ways to access it from the sea. The Tallinn-Helsinki sea-line is one of the busiest international passenger routes in the world. Ferries cross the Gulf of Finland between Tallinn and Helsinki several times a day, covering the distance in roughly 2 to 3 hours. From late spring to late autumn, high-speed vessels also operate on the route, reducing travel time to just an hour and a half.

Ferries between Tallinn and Stockholm depart every evening, with the trip taking approximately 15 hours.

In the summer you can cross the Baltic sea from as far afield as Stockholm and St. Petersburg, and Rostock. Travellers from Helsinki have the most options, with all types of ferries and catamarans crossing the Gulf of Finland everyday. Hydrofoils complete the journey in just 1.5 hours, although they are pricier and more susceptible to bad weather. The passenger port (Reisisadam) has a tourist information point and is within walking distance of the Old Town, which is very handy when you are stay at Pikk 49, Apartment Accommodation Tallinn!

Map of Tallinn Harbour - Port of Tallinn

Passenger information at the harbour:
ph. +3726318550
Tallinna Sadam (Port of Tallinn)
Passenger ship schedule

Accessing Tallinn by ferry is a very different way to get your first impressions of the city and see things from a unique angle. If you have the option then we would definitely recommend coming to Tallinn by ferry.

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