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For all the latest about everything to do with Tallinn accommodation take a look at our new Facebook page. As well as regular updates from everything happening in and around Tallinn, it has some great photos from inside our Pikk 49 accommodation. There are a few albums, one of which showcases some of the serviced apartments you could stay in during your visit to Tallinn. We have added some other great new features to our business Facebook page, including the following tabs that you can click for more information:

Tallinn Accommodation Facebook

1. A summary page to read about Apartment Accommodation Tallinn, with links through various pages on our website.
2. A special section offering discounts on your Tallinn accommodation
3. A signup form to receive our ‘Tips on Tallinn’ newsletter for free!

There are also direct feeds into our Facebook page from our other social media formats, including our Tallinn Breaks Twitter feeds, photos from our Tallinn Apartments Flickr account and videos from our Tallinn Accommodation Youtube Channel.

If you want to know about Tallinn accommodation and the city in general then this is a great source of information gathered from all corners of the social media world!

Enjoy your stay in Tallinn.

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