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On this page we give you the choices for travelling from Riga to Tallinn, by coach, train or plane and also details of great Tallinn accommodation.

Riga to Tallinn planeRiga to Tallinn coachRiga to Tallinn train

By Plane

For a direct flight you can fly with Air Baltic. The flight time is only 55 minutes. When you arrive in Tallinn it is just a 10 minute bus or taxi ride from the airport to the medieval old town. For easy access to all the best Tallinn sites and attractions this is where you want to stay.

Other airlines that fly to Tallinn, but aren’t direct include: Czech Airlines, Finair and Estonian Air.

By Coach

Once you take into account check in and boarding time for a plane, travelling from Riga to Tallinn by coach looks a very attractive option. The travel time is approximately 4 hours and the coaches are luxurious and run about 6 times a day. You might even get to your Tallinn accommodation quicker than by plane!

There are two main choices of coach:

1. Tallinn Lux Express Special Lounge (about 25 euros one way) 16 leather seats around four tables for laptops. Wireless internet, power sockets, free newspapers, hot and cold drinks and snacks.

2. Lux Express. (about 20 euros one way) Free newspapers, Internet and hot and cold drinks.

For tickets go to: Lux Express

By Train

There is no longer a direct train from Riga to Tallinn, but if you want an interesting detour you can go direct from Riga to St. Petersburg on a very comfortable overnight train and then get the coach from St. Petersburg to Tallinn. For times and prices: Russian Rail.

Tallinn accommodation

The best place to stay in Tallinn is in the medieval old town, as this is where the majority of the sites and cultural events are. Also this is where all the best restaurants, bars and nightclubs can be found. If staying here almost everything you are likely to want to see and do is within easy walking distance.

Hotels here tend to be quite expensive and you don’t get much for your money! If you want affordable luxury Tallinn accommodation in the best possible location, the smart choice is to stay is a serviced Tallinn apartment in one of the beautiful historic buildings.

If you have any questions or comments on our Riga to Tallinn guide please send them to us using the comment form below. Happy travels!

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