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Tallinn Airport Information

Check In
In Tallinn Airport check-in generally closes 40 minutes before the departure depending on the domestic and international flights and also on the airline. In order to get more detailed information please contact your airline.

All passengers who use international air transport are required to submit a valid identification document both when registering for a flight as well as when boarding the plane. Starting from 1 May 2006 the same rule applies also in case of domestic flights. When traveling to a destination not included in the Schengen judicial area the passenger is also required to pass through passport control.

Travel documents accepted on Estonian flights:
– ID-card
– passport

Travel documents accepted on international flights:
– ID-card (within European Union)
– passport

Regarding the size and weight of the travel luggage we recommend to ask for more detailed information from the airline or the handling agent. (Tallinn Airline Providers)

Information regarding the restriction and prohibitions for goods carried with the passengers is available at the website of Estonian Tax and Customs Board.

Free Skype Video at Tallinn airport

WiFi internet connection and Skype video booth – FREE OF CHARGE!
Tallinn Airport is the first airport in the whole world, providing FREE OF CHARGE Wifi internet connection all over the passenger terminal. Come and enjoy!

In case you don’t have a laptop with you, they have installed 14 internet kiosks around the terminal for you to use also FREE OF CHARGE! In addition to all that Tallinn Airport is proud to present the first Skype video booth! This communication solution enables you to call your friends and family on Skype free of charge.

NB! Due to the change in traffic management of Tallinn Airport, the bus traffic meant for traveller service, including urban lines No. 2, 65 and 90K, and long-distance buses will be directed to Floor 0 of the passenger terminal. Buses will stop near the entrance of Floor 0 of the passenger terminal.

In order to ensure the safety of travellers, a bus line separated from other traffic and short-time parking slots for buses have been completed on Floor 0 of the airport. Long-term parking of buses takes place pursuant to the current parking regulation.

More Tallinn airport parking information.

Tallinn Airport Parking Map

Types of Transport to and from Tallinn Airport
Tallinn airport has a good network of transport that can take you to and from your final destination, such as the staying in the Tallinn Old Town

Here are some useful links to more specific information about each transport option…
Public Transport
Shuttle bus
Car Rental

We hope this information will make your travels smooth and enjoy your stay in Tallinn!

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