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Here are the 3 most useful Tallinn maps:

1) The map of the old town is particularly important if you are visiting Tallinn for a holiday as this is where the majority of the main attractions are. The medieval old town is fairly small and ideally this is where you will be staying. On the Tallinn map below you can find the main square (approximately in the middle of the map) and from here most of the sites are within easy reach.

Map of Tallinn old town

2) The next map shows a bigger view of Tallinn including the port, the train station and the main road to Pirita (where there is a very good beach). You can also see the main areas of Tallinn and the parks.

Map of Tallinn

3) This last map is of the whole of Estonia with the main towns marked on and showing where Tallinn is positioned within Estonia and where Estonia is positioned within Eruope. As you can see on the map Tallinn borders Russia and Latvia and is just a short ferry trip to helsinki in Finland

Map of Estonia

Have a look at our Tallinn Travel Guide & Tallinn Reviews for lots of other useful information on Tallinn, things to do in Tallinn, great Tallinn travel tips, and our full Tallinn guide.

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