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If you are planning to go from Helsinki to Tallinn by ferry below are the 4 main things that you need to know…

The ferry from Helsinki to Tallinn

1. Useful info about the Helsinki to Tallinn ferry crossing
Ferries sail from Helsinki to Tallinn 5 times a day and the crossing takes approximately 2 hours. There is a buffet restaurant which serves breakfast and full meals during the day.

The ferry from Helsinki to Tallinn makes the voyage in just less than two hours, although you save a further 30 minutes by booking a place on a catamaran. The larger ferries can carry up to seven hundred passengers at speeds of almost 42 knots. Ferries operate in daylight hours (7.30am-7.30pm) and prices depend on month and time of travel, although it’s generally cheaper to start early in the morning or late in the afternoon.

Advanced booking on the Helsinki Tallinn ferry is recommended, but not essential. Vehicles can be taken on all catamarans and most passenger ferries.

2. The main ticket providers for going from Helsinki to Tallinn by ferry
Competition is fierce between the ferries to Tallinn and you currently have several Helsinki Tallinn ferry ticket providers to choose from: Viking Line and Nordic Jet Line, TallinkSilja Ferries, Direct Ferries. Tickets can be bought online by visiting one of the ferry operator’s websites or through your local travel agent.

3. Tallinn accommodation
Tallinn is a fascinating city with lots to do and see, so make sure you have planned for at least a few nights there. If you want somewhere to stay near Tallinn ferry port or want accommodation in the historical old town have a look at our Tallinn accommodation.

4. How To Get To Helsinki Ferry Port
Helsinki West Terminal
Used for Ferries to Tallinn, the West terminal is approximately 2.4 km from Helsinki city centre, 179 km from Tampere and 166 km from Turku. From Tampere take the E12 to Helsinki and from Turku E18.

Helsinki Ferry port address:
West Harbour Terminal, Länsiterminaali L4, Hietasaarenkuja 8, 00220 Helsinki
Tel. +358 600 157 00

Getting the ferry from Helsinki to Tallinn is relatively cheap, quick and simple which makes the Helsinki Tallinn trip a very popular choice with holiday makers. With regular and reliable ferries to Tallinn it is an ideally addition to your holiday plans. We hope you enjoy your visit.

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