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Why not take a trip to Estonia and stay in the Tallinn Old Town to experience this years ‘Tallinn Old Town Days’ festival? These Tallinn events have been running every year since 1982. The idea behind this Tallinn old town festival is to create an atmosphere of celebration for the townsfolk to see in the beginning of the summer. The focal point for these festivities is the much loved Old Town itself. During the event, courtyards, squares, streets, coffee-shops and halls are filled with music, art, theatre and various other events, both big and small.

Tallinn Old Town

XXXI Tallinn Old Town Days

Looking for a place to stay during the event?
Pikk 49, Tallinn apartment accommodation is the perfect choice being Located in the heart of the Medieval Old Town, Pikk 49 consists of 8 spacious, luxury serviced Tallinn apartments. For a similar price to booking a small Tallinn hotel room, you can stay in a beautiful luxury apartment in the best location in Tallinn, just 2 minutes walk from the town square.

One of the main goals of this year’s Old Town Days is to remind everyone that behind any medieval house there was a courtyard hidden from the eyes of a stranger; that the Old Town is much more than just buildings with familiar facades. You will get to see wonderful things that have been hidden in the courtyards, with their long history being revived.

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